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D are unmatched performance

The solution has been experimentally validated in a controlled environment and in real conditions many times by the Geoloc laboratory.  

It offers submeter positioning accuracy, with a position error of around 0.3% of the traveled path for distances greater than one kilometer. The performance of the nav4you solution is thus far superior to the competition.


Since 2018, nav4you solution algorithms have been used as part of the MALIN Challenge (MAîtrise de la Localisation INdoor) by the CyborgLoc team made up of the Geoloc laboratory and the SGME company. This challenge, intended to evaluate technological solutions allowing localization in complex environments such as buildings, underground, basement, etc., with a total absence or partial availability of GNSS signals, is organized by the DGA and the ANR. The final competition of this challenge made it possible to test the positioning algorithms in extreme conditions (basement, stairs, ladders, conveyor belts, rolls, races, clouds of smoke, etc.) over a distance of 2.5 kilometers. The CyborgLoc team obtained the best positioning performance for this challenge.

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