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The precise location of soldiers intervening in a closed non-collaborative environment (unknown and not equipped) is a major issue for the defense sector. The numerous technological and technical constraints limit the possibilities and no marketed solution is today capable of meeting the requirements of the army.

In order to respond to this problem and to support the emergence of new solutions, the DGA and the ANR launched the MALIN Challenge (MAîtrise de la Localisation INdoor) in 2018.

nav4you solution comes from the prototype used by the CyborgLoc team, made up of the Geoloc laboratory and the SGME company. The final competition of this challenge, carried out in January 2021, made it possible to highlight the performance of the proposed solution in extreme conditions: rolls, races, narrow drifts, pull-ups, clouds of smoke, room of mirrors, conveyor belt ... The objective was to put  positioning systems to hard test and determine their ability to transmit reliable data under difficult conditions. The solution proposed by CyborgLoc shows excellent results and superior to other solutions, with margins of error of just 1% for more than 2 kilometers of route.

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