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Innovative algorithms

Mitigation of measurement errors for low-cost sensors

Measurements from inertial sensors are affected by errors.
To mitigate their impact, nav4you algorithms estimate the accelerometer and gyrometer measurement bias.  Studies based on the analysis of the magnetic field and the local acceleration field make it possible to correct these estimates during quasi-static phases and thus improve the results.


Gait analysis using artificial intelligence

The walking biomechanical characteristics can be captured by the foot. Thus, during the phases when the foot is on the ground, corrections are made to the estimated positioning device velocity. For this purpose, the different dynamics of human movement are learned using a Machine Learning approach. The nav4you algorithms are thus able to detect a wide variety of movements to ensure a sub-metric level of accuracy in any situation.

Use of degraded GNSS signals even inside buildings

nav4you uses raw GNSS phase data in an innovative time difference approach to accurately estimate the foot velocity vector. Our algorithm allows the use of degraded data, even inside buildings, as long as the propagation environment is similar between two measurements, a condition that is guaranteed by the high sampling rate of our sensors. Our solution is able to use GNSS data up to 40% of the time indoors!

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