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Our society

nav4you company is a spin-off of the Geoloc laboratory of Gustave Eiffel University . It results from a desire to promote an innovative positioning platform and its algorithms designed since 2015.

The Geoloc laboratory is a reference on the theme of positioning thanks to its involvement in a large number of national (ARCOS, ANR-CityVIP…) or European (eMAPS, CVIS, SAFESPOT…) research projects.

The company, created in 2021, is hosted by Gustave Eiffel University and supported by Atlanpole, a regional incubator labeled by the French Ministry of Research and Innovation.

The innovation at the heart of the company is protected by two patents. The first concerns the method for selecting algorithms for determining the trajectory and the second determining the trajectory of a moving object. Resulting from academic research and filed in 2017, they offer nav4you a competitive advantage, based on breakthrough innovation.


Our team


Johan perul

and President

Johan PERUL graduated as an engineer in topography from ESGT in 2016. He then took up his duties as 3D engineer in the company Parallele 45 and managed the development of 3D modeling projects and the first BIM projects. In 2017, he joined the Geoloc laboratory to complete a thesis on "Autonomous localization by learning the dynamics of travel in multimodal transport" and in 2020 obtained the title of doctor from the central school of Nantes. Since 2019, he has also been preparing the creation of the company nav4you with Valérie RENAUDIN, director of the Geoloc laboratory. It is one of the main contributors to the high performance geolocation algorithms embedded in the location device. He presents his project to the MyGalileoSolution competition organized by the GSA in parallel with his thesis defense and is one of the winners of the first phase. During the same period, he obtained 5 years of support from Atlanpole to develop his project. His background allows him to acquire a great experience both in project management but also in science with expertise in navigation and data processing methods as well as their applications. His motivation, adaptability and entrepreneurial desire, developed over several years, allow him to confidently approach the development of the nav4you company.



Founder and Director of the Geoloc laboratory

Valérie RENAUDIN has an international background, both academic and industrial. Graduated from ESGT in 1999, she founded the Swiss company Swissat in 2000. It was the 1st national network of permanent GNSS stations providing a precise location service by mobile telephony. Widely adopted by network management professionals, it took 20% of the market share in Switzerland. In 2005, she undertook a thesis at EPFL to deepen the foundations of localization in an indoor environment and to pursue the democratization of precision measurement at the general public level. From 2009 to 2012, she co-directed a $ 1.3 billion project at the Canadian University of Calgary with the company Research In Motion on the geolocation of smartphone users in buildings. Back in France, she formed a team specializing in the positioning and navigation of pedestrians. She took charge of the Geoloc laboratory in 2015. Her research focuses on interior / exterior navigation using GNSS, as well as inertial and magnetic data, in particular to improve personal mobility. She is the co-author of more than 60 publications and laureate of a European Marie Curie Individual Fellowship. An active member of IEEE editorial committees, she sits on the scientific council of the Id4Car cluster. She assists the European Space Program Agency as a project monitor and within the GNSS raw data working group on Android. She is the co-inventor of 3 patents and an entrepreneur at heart. In the nav4you company, she supports industrial development in scientific competition.

Diplômé de l'École Polytechnique de l'Université de Nantes dans la spécialité Électronique et technologies numériques en 2016, il obtient un doctorat de l'Université de Nantes en 2021. Il est spécialisé en électronique embarquée et en traitement du signal et possède une grande expérience dans la conception de systèmes embarqués, notamment de réseaux de capteurs sans fil. Il est co-auteur de 5 publications.NSS sous Android. Elle est co-inventrice de 3 brevets et entrepreneuse dans l’âme. Dans la société nav4you, elle accompagne la valorisation industrielle en concours scientifique.


Responsable développement logiciel et produit

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